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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm Expanding My Subject Matter.

And the revised blog title is meant to show that. I don't have much more to say about the environment, and saving the biosphere. I still hope that it will be preserved, at least to some extent, but I'm not optimistic. As a blog writer, there are lots of topics that I'm likely to write about. I have opinions on the current political situation, on the nature of reality, on economics and investing, and various other topics. I can't predict when I'll be moved to actually write an article.

Poking around in my hard drive, I found this list of stuff I think I know something about:

health & fitness
computer science fundamentals
The Natural World
alternate zeitgests (philosophy)
Science & technology
Go (the board game)
Age of Empires (PC game)
effective living (does your life function well?)
History of the world, including humans
Alternate lifestyles

That list is in no particular order. I might write about any of those topics, but there are plenty of others also. In my long life I've done a lot of things, been to a lot of places. Mostly, I paid attention, and learned stuff. I have also sought out people who seemed to know something I didn't, and tried to learn from them. And I've read quite a few books along the way. There's been formal education also; I have a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from UCSD.

Clearly, I don't always feel bound by that old rule that says: a writer should not keep saying "I"! (But you won't find so much of that in the rest of the articles that I've written, or will write in the future.)

If you, dear reader, would like me to write about a particular topic, by all means please let me know! You can either post a comment to this article, below, or send me an email, to I really prefer to write a message TO someone, rather than simply write for an unknown audience.



  1. I gave a very successful pressentation here on urban sprawl, the history of suburbia, and transportation. Some people asked me to write it up but I´ve been too lazy, or too busy, or suffering from too many recurrences of ¨la gripa¨(flu). This isn´t right up your alley, but maybe you´d like to write something on the subject.

    Un abrazo,


  2. I have published guest article on my blog. If you write a few paragraphs about that subject, I will publish it here under your name.


  3. Mitchell,

    Unfortunately, English is my second language and I do not feel like it is good enough to participate in commenting on subject but I am looking forward to hear your opinion on current political situation,nature of reality and economics, whenever you decide to write on it.


  4. I forgot to mention that I like your hat!

  5. Mitchell, I know that Forth is not on your topic list, but I'm plenty curious about your experience. I have a copy of your "Learning FORTH" (and just about every other book on the language.) I never used TiminForth because I was a 6502 junkie at the time. But I wonder about how you took up the language, came to write a book (how long did it take you to become an expert?) and if you have any words of wisdom based on your experience as a Forth entrepreneur.

    The topic may not interest you since it's long past, so please excuse me for asking.


  6. Dave, I got into FORTH because I liked it. At that time I often wrote software that controlled devices, and FORTH let's one be both user and programmer at the same time. It's great for a tinkerer and experimenter. When I saw that FIG, the FORTH Interest Group, had released a version to the public, but that it needed to be adapted to specific brands of computers, I decided to take that opportunity to go into business, selling Timin FORTH. However, other people did similar things, and some of them did a better job than me.

    Words of Wisdom? Marketing and business details are equally as important as the quality of the product. You are unlikely to succeed without a team effort.




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