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Thursday, September 8, 2011

I just watched Obama's Speech about restoring a strong economy.

Did you catch it?  I'd be curious to hear your impression.

My impressions of course are those of a progressive, a formerly
enthusiastic supporter of Obama, lately a disappointed, un-enthusiastic supporter.

The speech was GREAT!  Rooseveltian!  He described a serious,
comprehensive plan to rescue the nation from the current economic
crisis, a plan that made very good sense to me.  Furthermore, he threw down the gauntlet to the Republicans, kind of daring them not to pass it. (my words, not his.)  If the Republicans continue with their attitude of the past several months they will not pass his bill.  The only thing that might get them to pass it, IMO, is fear, fear of serious disapproval by the voting public.  This speech, and the public's reaction to it MIGHT have that effect.  Only time will tell.

There is one serious flaw.  Obama said everything would be paid for,
but to do that he is relying on congress to pass serious tax reform.
I don't believe they are capable of that, even if they wanted to.

But I'll bet that this speech increases his approval rating, and I'll
bet that a strong majority of the public would want the plan to be

For those who did not see the speech, it was unusual for Obama.  For
example, he said about ten times throughout the speech: "You should
pass this bill, now!"   It was a ballsy and challenging speech.


Tax the rich - build roads, bridges, railways, solar energy plants,
space vehicles, ...................


  1. Hi Mitchell,
    I must confess I did not watch Obama´s speech. Lately, it feels like watching Don Quijote yelling at the Republican windmills.
    I hope Congress passes what is best for the country, not their pockets.

  2. I watched the speech. I have always thought Obama was an excellent speaker. I have not always favored him, in fact I almost did not vote for him. (But I did, not feeling Cynthia McKinney would make the cut)I think this is a good start. I agree with you, most of congress will not open their pocketbooks. CEO's will fight to keep their taxes low and the American people most likely will end up paying some of it (if not all) down the line. Something had to be said/done. It may be all talk, only time will tell, but I think Obama has done what he can. I think he has been limited by those above him, and I don't think everything he hasn't done that he said he would do was his decision. I just hope that things get better. 9/11 marked the day this country went into financial crisis in my eyes. I was a junior in High School. Bush threw us into a war that had nothing to do with the twin towers coming down, despite how he tried to make the connection. Bush ruined us financially. America has been swirling down the toilet since I got my first job. I made $2.15/hr plus tips at my first job. Since I started college in 2003, jobs have become scarcer and tuition has tripled. I couldn't afford college in 2003, and it only got worse. Now, I make too much ($2,000 over the cut off) money to get any financial help to go to college. I am only offered loans which I refuse to accept. The last thing I need is more debt. My point is, everyone needs a break right now. The American people needed this speech to keep us going. So whether anything happens with the jobs act or not, we know that something is happening. They are talking about it and hopefully will correct this deepening problem. As I said, this speech seems like a good start.


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