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Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Global Warming Controversy

There is no doubt that global warming is occurring. Melting polar sea
ice and glaciers worldwide proves that. There is controversy as to
how big a role human activities play in that. The IPCC report is the
most believable and authoritative assessment available; also the most credible by any objective standards. It concludes that human activities almost certainly are the major factor behind the warming.

It is a serious issue for at least two billion people worldwide, but not
this year, or next. The really serious effects are 20 years away.
These effects will be flooding of low lying regions, more hurricane
damage, more floods and droughts, and much suffering due to heat

For people who live in north America and not on the west coast,
the shit will really hit the fan when you can no longer afford your
air conditioning bills. The rising costs of energy meets the larger
need for energy, for air conditioning.

Although I regard global warming as a serious problem, I think that other environmental problems are more serious and immediate. I'm referring to deforestation, and pollution of our waters, air, and soils. These have already greatly impacted the natural world, and will be more serious in the future. Many species of plants and animals are on their way to extinction. Of course humans would also benefit from cleaner air and water.

However, the things that could be done to reduce global warming are, in many cases, the same things that could be done to reduce pollution and deforestation.




  1. For the benefit of CoE:

    The most serious effect of "global warming" may be the shifting of oceanic "streams", particularly the Gulf Stream and the Japanese Current. The former, in particular, is in danger of moving away from the European Continent as a result of changing ocean temperatures caused by the gradually melting North Polar icecap. This may begin to occur at any time. The effect upon the European continent could be catastrophic (see my probably never-to-be-published "science fiction" story about this). Good blog, though.

    One aspect of this whole controversy that I find particularly worrying is confounding global warming with human agency. The conclusion drawn by by the less scientifically-minded (most people, it sleems) is that if humans are not contributing significantly to acknowledged global wlarming -- if it's "natural" in other words -- then we have nothing to worry about. This is VERY dangerous thinking, in my view.

    -- David S.

  2. The key word is "may". I don't think it's likely, but I have not seen any credible estimates of the likelihood.

    How can we "see" the unpublished story you refer to?



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